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Nice to meet ya, I’m Fen. My pronouns are they/them, and I’m nonbinary/agender. I’m a freelance graphic designer and animator located in Oakland. I’m interested in collaborating with local artists/creatives in the Bay.

My previous work experience in design has been primarily at Two Hats Consulting as a graphic designer doing social media marketing, advertisement, print, and some UI/UX.

I was surrounded by the internet, anime, and video games growing up, so a lot of the inspiration from my work is derived from that.

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I like learning a lot! I try to read, study videos, and do courses on the foundations of animation and design when I can or have the capacity to.

I do a lot of creative exploration since I’ve realized forcing myself into one box has burnt me out. Other mediums I’ve enjoyed are crochet, mixed media video, drawing, 3D, and linoprint.

Something I’ve brought back recently is sketching. I haven’t just drawn for fun in years, and sketching/journaling has pushed out creative ideas floating in my head and is part of the process for me to create other work.

after hours~

fun fact

A “fen” is a type of wetland, similar to a marsh or bog.


I was around the internet a lot growing up, and I really loved video games, Junji Ito, and Japanese media (not just anime! also magazines, films, fashion, and music).

I’m also pretty inspired by multidisciplinary artistsjewelery makers, tattoo artists, and fashion designers.